Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When Life Gets Away From You

Eight days ago, I said I was going to do a post a day for Celiac Awareness Month. Yeah... that didn't happen.

In my own defense, and what I will use as my very weak excuse is that I'm getting married in a month. Yay!!! Exactly one month from today, I will be walking down the aisle towards the man I will be spending the rest of my gluten-free life with. The thought of that causes an indescribable feeling of happiness. 

So I guess today I will talk about wedding planning. I'm a very relaxed bride compared to what I've seen, but I've also questioned the whole time if I'm too relaxed. With one month to go, we haven't "actually" signed the contract for our reception venue (we know we have it either way, but it's a minor detail we should probably get out of the way), we have someone who can do cupcakes for us but we have no cake, we haven't done our food tasting, our dj doesn't have our list of songs yet, we haven't chosen our flowers, we haven't rented a limo (we want a trolley), etc, etc, etc.

I'll admit I've been frustrated a few times that things aren't taken care of, but ultimately, I figure we have each other (you need someone to marry if you're getting married), we have the church and a pastor, we have the reception venue (even though it's not legal), and we know our caterer can do gluten-free food and a flourless chocolate cake if worst came to worst. Beyond that, everything else is just details, and its unlikely anyone would really notice if anything wasn't completely perfect. 

This blog is about gluten-free food, so I'll talk about that for a moment. I was amazed at how easy it was to find a caterer that was able to accommodate a gluten-free event, and I was also amazed at how incredibly hard it has been to find an actual gluten-free wedding cake. 

Every single caterer I spoke with didn't even flinch when I said that I needed the entire event to be gluten-free. Most of them simply eliminated the possibility of pasta, subbed in cornstarch where flour would normally be used, and skipped rolls as part of the meal. I think they actually appreciated that we wanted the entire event to be gluten-free because then they know that there is no chance they'll cross contaminate something with something else on our menu. 

When it comes to the tasting, we are 99% certain we know what we want, but the tasting is included as part of our cost so I told my fiance we are doing it. He had no problem with getting a "free" meal. Now we just need to find the time to do it. 

As for the cake--that is a whole other story, and it's been incredibly frustrating. There are a few local bakeries that do gluten-free items including cakes, but every single one of them is a shared facility. Each one of them seems to have a major cross contamination problem which makes me angry that they're offering items in the first place. I believe they should be incredibly up front that their items are cross contaminated, but they all simply have it in the fine print. How terrible would it be to get glutened on your wedding day?

I started branching out to bakeries that were further away, but I quickly discovered that they aren't able to do it because it's unlikely a cake would travel two hours in June without "melting." I have one more option, but as far as I know, it's essentially a flourless chocolate cake. My caterer can do a flourless chocolate cake, and we really want an actual cake to cut. I have a back-up bakery that is only about 30 miles away that is happy to do cupcakes, but the frosting wouldn't be super fancy. She said she could also do a cake, but she definitely can't decorate a wedding cake--she could only bake it. 

I tossed out the idea of myself making the cupcakes and attempt a cake a few weeks ahead of time and then freezing them, but everyone is saying I'm crazy. I figure we have a large chest freezer that is essentially empty right now, and I have a few recipes that freeze well, so why not? My friends and my fiance all still say I'm crazy. I'm not convinced ;)

So that's where I'm at. I have one month to pull this wedding together, so no promises on a post a day, but I promise to try. 

The good news is that I am still... Alive Without Gluten ;)

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