Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What if Celiac Disease Research Started Over...

Imagine everything we knew about Celiac Disease was erased. Imagine we were starting over fresh. All preconceived notions about the cause, the symptoms, etc, etc, etc were gone. Would we discover something new and manage to go further in research or would we come to the same conclusions as we currently have?

I recently heard that there is no study confirming that Celiac Disease is typically "triggered" by a traumatic event. I have no idea where I heard it originally or where the information keeps coming from, but I've always thought it was common knowledge that those with the gene for Celiac Disease have it triggered by a stressful/traumatic event such as a pregnancy, car accident, a time of extreme stress, etc. I was shocked to read that they were looking into this because I had always assumed that had already been done.

Another example of something I thought had been confirmed is the concept that those with untreated Celiac Disease are more at risk for intestinal lymphoma. I recall this seeming to be "common knowledge" when I was first diagnosed, but through the years it seemed to be something that less and less people knew about. Recently, this article was published that was shocking to the Celiac Disease community. Intestinal lymphoma is much more common in those with untreated Celiac Disease. When I first read the article, I assumed a bunch of idiots did the study because this should be common knowledge. As time went on, I discovered very few of those I know with Celiac Disease had any knowledge of this. So where did I hear this and why did I think it was common knowledge when no one else seemed to have a clue. Did I do a study in a past life? Doubtful.

I'd like to revisit this idea of starting research over, but I'd love to hear what you think to point me in the right direction of where I should go with it. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we are being held back by our current knowledge or do you think our current knowledge is necessary to continue moving forward?

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