Sunday, September 14, 2014

Judgy People

So I just sat down with an entire pan of brownies, and proceeded to announce on Facebook that I had sat down with an entire pan of brownies. It hasn't happened in a while, but for some reason, I started preparing myself for someone to tell me I was lying about being on the gluten-free diet because I was eating brownies. This used to happen a lot, especially at my old job. "You're not really on a gluten-free diet, I see you eating cookies all the time. Stop lying." I imagined them feeling this way about me:

Except I wasn't lying. And I felt this way about them...

Granted that was around 6 years ago when no one knew what a gluten-free diet was, but it was still frustrating. My natural tendency toward anxiety makes me fear it happening again. I've received quizzical looks when I eat something where I can I just tell they're questioning how it could possibly be gluten-free. I usually respond with explaining how easy it was to make or some other comment to ensure they understand it is gluten-free and they need to stop questioning it before they even say anything.

Makes me question if I need to clarify my verbiage every time I eat something:
     "This is gluten-free bread."
     "These are gluten-free brownies."
      "I can't wait to eat my gluten-free sandwich."
     "Where did my gluten-free carrots go?

But, at that point, I realize how ridiculous that would be, and I want to wear a t-shirt that says this everyday.

So now, I'm going to continue eating my pan of brownies while I question if I used memes correctly in my blog. Not really my thing, but it fit my snarky mood tonight ;)

p.s. Yesterday was Celiac Awareness Day. September 13th was the day chosen because it is the birthday of Samuel Gee who published the first modern description of Celiac Disease. We wouldn't be where we are today when it comes to research on celiac disease if it weren't for Samuel Gee.

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