Tuesday, February 11, 2014

30 Day Gluten Free Diet Challenge: Day 11

Day 11:

Breakfast: Cream of Rice Cereal
I used Gluten-Free Sensations brand for my breakfast and mixed in some blueberries. I also used So Delicious coconut milk to make it. Nice warm breakfast on another cold day.

Morning Snack: skipped

Lunch: Tomato Soup w/Corn Chips
Once again, I thought I had something in my cupboard that I didn't. It was a really rough day, and although I could have run to the store to get tomato soup, I didn't. Instead I had what we refer to as our lazy meal. Chips, cheese, and meat. I literally stick a slice of cheese on a chip, add meat on top, and eat. It's great when you don't feel like cooking (or in todays case, you're having a bad day and don't want to think). I think it's quite similar to a Lunchable, and I do the same thing with crackers.

Afternoon Snack: skipped

Dinner: Grilled Shish Kebobs & Quinoa w/Garlic Sauce
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. It's also obvious I love steak, because these kebobs are very meat-heavy.

Evening Snack: Papaya
Yes! It's finally ripe! My husband is cutting it up as I write this, but I'll be sure to take a picture of it plated when I eat it tomorrow. Here is a picture of it cut in half prior to removing the seeds.

I apologize for the short descriptions today. Rough day, and I have little desire to write, so I apologize to my readers. I also skipped snacks. Hopefully the pictures made up for the lack of words...

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