Saturday, February 8, 2014

30 Day Gluten Free Diet Challenge: Day 8

One week of the challenge is done. I can't believe how quickly it is going!

Day 8:

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit & Yogurt
I absolutely adore this yogurt because the plain yogurt is super sweet all on it's own. I also don't have to take a Lactaid in order to eat it (as I do with regular dairy yogurt). The container I buy is large, so it has a couple of servings in it too. If I didn't put it in a bowl, I would probably eat the entire thing. It was super excellent with bananas and blueberries.

Morning Snack: Popcorn
I went super healthy today--fresh plain popcorn. No salt, no butter, no nothing. Just popcorn kernels popped on the stove in olive oil. Still super yummy!

Lunch: Salami Sandwich & Potato Chips
I was a little worried about todays lunch because I don't recall liking salami. Last year, I'm pretty sure I always ate ham or turkey instead. I figured if nothing else, I would give my husband a second sandwich. He was disappointed, but I actually liked it. Here is my lunch pictured with the remaining mango from last night.

This is a close-up of the sandwich.

Afternoon Snack: Sorbet
I went with raspberry sorbet. I almost went with a warm snack because I'm so cold, but I'm glad I stuck with the sorbet because it was soooo good. I should have taken the time to find our actual ice cream scoop. I used a cookie scoop, and I think this looks like little pink pom-poms. Lol.

Dinner: Grilled Steak, Vegetables & Brown Rice w/Chimichurri Sauce
Let me just say I love steak. Love, love, love steak. Add in some great veggies, and an amazing sauce, and I'm a happy, happy girl. I did make one modification tonight and used quinoa instead of brown rice. I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking, but I grabbed the wrong item. It turned out perfectly fine, and it was the perfect substitute, but I'm still not sure how that happened.

It was actually really flavorful and juicy even though my pictures make it look a little overdone and dry. I also really wanted a t-bone steak, but our chest freezer is really full, and it's in the basement where it's freezing, so I gave up and grabbed the first package of steak I found.

I took a picture from each side for everyone to enjoy.

Evening Snack: Papaya
I'm sad. My papaya isn't ripe yet. I've made the mistake of cutting it open early, and I won't make that mistake again. I hadn't eaten a grapefruit yet today, so I went with that instead. I'm using the "paper bag" trick, so the papaya will hang out in the paper bag until at least tomorrow night to see if that speeds up the process.
Here is a pic of the papaya I won't be eating yet.

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