Monday, February 10, 2014

30 Day Gluten Free Diet Challenge: Day 9

Day 9:

Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage & Hashbrowns
You know it's a good breakfast when almost every burner on the stove is filled ;)

Perfect breakfast to keep me going for hours. Here is the photo of the finished product.
I would love to be able to successfully make an over easy egg someday. If anyone has tips, feel free to share. I love eggs, but I'm really kind of horrible at making them.

Morning Snack: Apple Slices w/Caramel Dip (I skipped the dip)
I thought for sure I had some single serve containers of caramel dip in the cupboard, but I was wrong. The apple slices were quite nice on their own anyway.

Lunch: Garden Salad w/Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing & Rice Chips (I subbed in corn chips (Tostitos) because I didn't have any rice chips in the house)
I guess I'm dropping the ball on my food inventory/grocery shopping because I also thought I had rice chips in the house, but I did not. Maybe I'm still getting used to living with other people because I seem to think things will only disappear when I eat them, and I'm very wrong.
Back to the meal. After a nice hearty breakfast, this was the perfect light lunch. I need to actually make some homemade croutons because I have a bunch of freezer burnt bread, and I refuse to throw it away, so croutons is the perfect way to "save" it.

Afternoon Snack: Mandarin Orange Cup
I must think this picture would be boring because once again, I forgot to take a picture. Anyone ever seen a real mandarin orange that didn't come as prepared food? I would think they look like a clementine orange, but I've always been interested in trying one that didn't come in a can or cup.

Dinner: Pan-Seared Salmon w/GF Teriyaki Sauce, Steamed Broccoli & White Rice
Yay for teriyaki sauce again! This stuff is SO good! I'm sure you can tell because I put it all over the rice and the salmon. It seemed a bit weird to put it on the broccoli. I'll let the picture for tonights dinner speak for itself.

Evening Snack: Papaya (I had grapefruit)
My papaya still isn't ripe (this makes me sad)

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