Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thank You For a Great Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Today, is May 31, so it is time for my daily posts to come to an end. Celiac Disease Awareness Month may be over, but that doesn't mean we stop spreading awareness. I would like to thank everyone who followed along with each of my daily posts.

Deciding exactly what I want to do with this blog has been an ongoing question of mine. I've decided it is what it is. I write as an outlet. I write to help others. I write to remember things. I write for a million different reasons.

I don't want my blog to become a source of stress. I don't want to need to meet deadlines. I don't want to have requirements. I simply want to help others, and I truly hope that's what I do whether I write a post once a day or once every three months. I write for me, and I write for you, and that is what I'll continue to do.

I encourage everyone to do what they are able to continue spreading awareness, but please don't stress yourself out doing so unless you're enjoying.

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